Thursday, November 3, 2016

Andover Church to hold Election Day Dinner

Wellsville Area News
Election Day Ham Dinner at the Andover Presbyterian Church. The Ham Dinner will be served beginning at 4pm on Tue., Nov. 8th. The cost is $8 per person. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 9pm.
The Church is raising funds for belfry repairs and painting.
Approaching Andover one sees steeples raising above the tree tops. The proceeds of an Election Day Ham Dinner will help preserve this beautiful part of the village’s architectural heritage.

The recently restored white steeple of the Presbyterian Church towers 100 feet above East Greenwood St. in Andover. Members of the congregation will offer the community a meal that has been a tradition in Andover for many years. Located just half a block from Andover’s polling place at the Town Hall and Community Center, the Presbyterians are continuing the practice of serving a ham dinner on Election Day that has been an institution of their former neighbors, the recently closed Andover Methodist Church.
Generous donations from both church members and others outside the Presbyterian congregation have paid for new metal shingles on the steeple that should keep it looking good for future generations. Working their way down from the top, the belfry, paint and foundation are the next projects for restoration.
Pastor Chris Mattison explains, “The Election Day Ham Dinner is primarily a service to the community. We want to preserve this long standing Andover tradition. Any profit will help defray the cost of our restoration projects, but that cost will be mostly paid by donations from our own members and from the generosity of other community members and friends.”