Monday, November 7, 2016

Coudersport: Patterson Cancer Ctr. teams up w/ URMC Wilmot Cancer Inst.

Coudersport, PA (November 7, 2016) -- The Patterson Cancer Center at Cole Memorial is collaborating with a major upstate New York medical center to enhance cancer care in northern Pennsylvania. 
Representatives from Cole Memorial and the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Wilmot Cancer Institute announced plans to work together to provide Hematology and Medical Oncology physician services at the Patterson Cancer Center on the Cole Memorial campus in Coudersport. This collaboration is designed to provide patients in the region access to additional providers and a broader range of services, including precision diagnostics, clinical trials and survivorship care.
Under this arrangement, Patterson Cancer Center will continue to work with William Muuse, MD, and Serge Dauphin, MD, of Twin Tiers Oncology, who recently joined Wilmot Cancer Institute. The staff at Patterson will remain and continue to provide high-quality cancer care.
“We thank Drs. Muuse and Dauphin for the years of dedicated service to the patients of the Patterson Cancer Center and for promoting our new relationship with the University of Rochester Medical Center,” said Cole Memorial’s CEO and President Ed Pitchford. “We are pleased to continue to expand university-level cancer treatment in north-central Pennsylvania.”
In early 2015, the Patterson Cancer Center also entered into a collaborative relationship with UPMC CancerCenter which enhanced overall program oversight, quality reviews, educational opportunities and research proven protocols. However, this newest collaboration with Wilmot Cancer Institute brings together the availability of well-trained and respected physicians with the types of programs offered by UPMC CancerCenter.
“Cancer care is more complex than it has ever been before, and it requires a coordinated team with expertise in many disciplines to identify the best course of treatment for each patient,” said David W. Dougherty, M.D., MBA, director of Regional Operations at Wilmot Cancer Institute. “Our collaboration with Cole Memorial’s Patterson Cancer Center will bring the same caliber of care and commitment to quality that we provide at our 11 locations in the Rochester and Finger Lakes region of New York.”
Patterson Cancer Center serves patients from Potter, McKean, Cameron and Tioga counties in Pennsylvania. Cole Memorial is a comprehensive health system that offers patients and their families in the region a full-range of diagnostic and medical services. The state-of-the-art hospital is linked to home health services, post-acute services, outpatient care centers and a primary care network which provide a broad continuum of care. For more information about the Patterson Cancer Center, call 814-260-5208 or visit