Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hile story triggers emotions

Unlike for-profit media sites, when I post a story it is either factually based or opinion based. They are clearly labeled to avoid confusion. I don't post stories for "ratings," because, well, this isn't a profit-based site. So when comments flood in, I pay attention. On Friday, I did an opinion piece on the late Michael Ashley Hile. I'm always amazed at the reaction to my posts. Some go 'viral' while others stall. The Michael Ashley Hile story amazed even me. Thousands of views...thousands. And the input came fast and furious...via fax, email, text and in person. Every single comment (so far) has been A+++. The comments, even, extended well beyond the boundaries of Wellsville. Well beyond...and touched many, many people. Perhaps I got it wrong. Perhaps, just maybe, as the season of good will lowers upon us, people really do and did care about a public high school dropout. Maybe Michael Ashley touched more people than we realized. Could it be that a homeless, drunk, poorly educated, 'criminal' made us better? I hope so. Tuesday is the National Day of Giving--you know, think about others and not yourself. Give it a chance. #GivingTuedsay.