Thursday, November 3, 2016

Letter: Amo Houghton, former GOP Congressman opposes Trump, praises Clinton

“I am a 90-year-old, dyed-in-the-wool Republican. The first party convention I attended was in 1948. I have been a card-carrying member of the party for 69 years. I say all this not to blow my own horn, but simply to establish my Republican credentials, which now are being shaken by our presidential candidate.
“Donald Trump is not a man in whom I have great respect. He represents, sadly, all the things I reject in a leader — he is a bully; he fudges the truth; he turns on those who think differently. He hides critical parts of his life — business failures, tax returns — and I could go on.
“On the other hand, his opponent, Mrs. Clinton, though not a Republican, is one of this century’s most outstanding citizens. Contrary to rumors, she does tell the truth; she stands by her friends; and she represents the qualities of leadership we so desperately need. She, above any of the candidates, knows the workings of government from both the executive and legislative sides. We could be so lucky to have her as our leader.

“I have been both in business (35 years) and government (House of Representatives, 18 years), and before that, the military (World War II). Business is not government! It’s not an exact training ground for those confident in their executive abilities. And giving exciting speeches isn’t the answer. Mr. Trump talked with great authority about his plans for the Mexican wall. When visiting the president of Mexico, he never brought it up — then returned to his safe haven here in the United States and once again talked “big.” Sadly, I’m afraid he’s a “gym” fighter, nothing more! I wish it were otherwise.”
Amo Houghton
Member of Congress
29th District, New York