Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Livingston County: Felony Charges Following Contraband From Visitor

GENESEO: Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty reports the arrest of 32-year-old Samantha Willey from Geneseo for allegedly bringing a controlled substance into the jail facility.
Deputies said on Sunday November 6, 2016 Samantha Willey came to the Livingston County Jail to visit her recently incarcerated husband.   During her visit, Willey brought in items that her husband was allowed to have while in jail. Corporal Matthew Polizzi searched the items that Willey had and allegedly found a strip of Suboxone, a controlled substance, hidden in one of the items.
As a result, Willey was arrested for Criminal Possession of Controlled Substance in the 7th Degree, felony Criminal Possession of Controlled Substance in the 5th Degree, and felony Promoting Prison Contraband in the 1st Degree. 
Willey was turned over to Central Booking Deputies at the Livingston County Jail for processing and pre-arraignment detention.   The bail recommendation from the District Attorney’s Office was $10,000/$20,000. 
Willey was arraigned on November 7th in Geneseo Court before Justice Kathleen Houston.  The Judge did remand Willey to the custody of the Sheriff on $10,000 cash or $20,000 bond.  Willey is being held in the Livingston County Jail.