Saturday, November 26, 2016

Save your gas, Steuben budget is a done deal, despite planned hearing

The 2017 Steuben County budget will be voted on Monday evening. That vote will come just after a public hearing on the budget during which lawmakers will give 'serious consideration' to thoughts expressed by the public. Saying serious thought, however, may be an overstatement. If the legislative body was to actually give thought to any public comment, the public hearing wouldn't be held moments before the budget approval vote. In order to give the matter serious thought to any concern raised by a taxpayer, the legislature might need more than a coffee break.
Local governments are required by law to hold hearings. Once in my lifetime, I did witness a legislative body make changes after a public hearing. It's rare. The hearing is for show, honestly stated. If the public truly wants change or to have input heard, they'll have to start early and be loud. That's just the way it is. Shame on any local government that says it wants your input, but plans to automatically approve something in the same breath...Hence, Trump...