Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Steuben County launches online GIS service

BATH – A local service for Steuben County residents is now available online through a link on Steuben’s home page. The service, the county Planning Department’s public Geographic Information System (GIS) website features interactive maps which allow users to analyze and interpret data by viewing geographic relationships, patterns and trends. Typically used in the past by the public to locate tax map and related information on Steuben’s Real Property and Tax Services web link, the new service provides user-friendly access to:
* County Real Property Tax Parcel viewer
* Board of Elections polling places
* State Certified Agricultural Districts
* Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Plains
* Soil types
* County hiking trails
* School Districts
"These apps can give people on head start on locating information about a lot of projects before they leave their home or office," said county GIS Coordinator Dan Kahabka. Kahabka said the program is expected to support a wide range of needs for residents and municipalities, visitors, developers, business owners, real-estate professionals, and engineers. The apps also can provide important real time information for emergency responders by providing accurate details about the site of an incident, including road closures, potential natural issues and weather conditions. The service also streamlines requests for GIS data previously only handled during normal business hours, Kahabka said. Online payment for some services also is available on the app. The new homepage can be located on the Interactive GIS maps link at or at