Tuesday, November 15, 2016

This scam is still In-Laws live in Ulysses, PA

We just received this...
My father-in-law received a phone call from someone this afternoon claiming to be my son Will. He told his grandpa that he sounded funny because he had been in a car accident, texting while driving and had stitches in his mouth. He said he need money to get out of jail and that the lawyer would give him details. The lawyer, Walt Davis told him to not tell anyone what happened, to keep it quiet so he could help Will get out of jail and to go to Target and send $4,000 (I think it was with gift cards).  LUCKILY we don't have a Target in Wellsville and he stopped at our house to have us go to the closest one in Big Flats and one of our sons was home and able to explain it was a scam and that Will was fine (actually just left house before he got there). PLEASE WARN EVERYONE YOU KNOW! My father-in-law said he would have sworn he was talking to Will on the phone, the guy was very convincing! AND the lawyer did a follow up call to see if the money was sent. I won't tell you what my father-in-law said to him, but the thief said "Well, we almost got ya!" The PA State Police said it is good to share the story so that others can be warned!