Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wellsville: Mayor Judy Lynch speaks to the community

Last month I wrote a letter that detailed some of the progress our Village of Wellsville has made since 2012.  I am proud of the record that I am seeking re-election on, but more so, I’m motivated to serve another term to finish important work in progress.  Besides being fully invested in the work of renovating the Burrous Building, my hope is to bring other important projects to fruition.
    Major work is being done to keep our waste water treatment facility efficient, reliable, and fully certified. In order to be prepared for those requirements, we have engineers working on the technical specifications and village staff seeking the funding for these upgrades. 
    Our water treatment plant will also require upgrades in order to keep our drinking water clean and safe.  The recent water issue was most likely caused by a testing anomaly but highlighted the importance of the planned upgrades. Our Water Treatment Operators have an exceptional record and monitor village water safety every day.   
    The Municipal Building will undergo a major maintenance and renovation project. Together, the Village and Town are in the process of developing plans to upgrade the boiler, repair the roof and install an elevator for easier access for disabled residents.  This project has been planned and budgeted for in our Capital Reserve Fund.
     The Gateway Project is very exciting for our downtown business district which will give our Main Street a fresh look: New crosswalks, benches, trash receptacles, and more ornamental lighting. Most importantly this project will bring intersections into compliance with Americans with Disabilities (ADA) law. Plans are progressing, and we are hopeful it will begin next year.
      A Village partnership with Walkable Communities is almost finished with a plan to create a pedestrian walkway under the Bolivar Road Bridge.  This plan calls for a new, safer way for pedestrians to access the plazas on both sides of the Bolivar Road.   This project is targeted for 2017.
     Our Village is working on the future!!  Our team has spent hours in training on comprehensive planning.  Small business loans are available, and the village is ready to help our entrepreneurs obtain funding.  As part of a small family business, I realize the struggles of doing business in Wellsville.  My goal for the next four years is to make the village of Wellsville a better place to start and operate a business.
Constructing a responsible budget that works for the taxpayer has and will remain a priority.  I will continue to work hard to provide a budget that stays within or below the NY State Tax “Cap”.  By making careful and well planned decisions, we can avoid tax increases. Our capital reserve funds are growing and insuring us against short term budget emergencies. My goal is to hold the line on property taxes by reducing waste and stretching dollars whenever possible.  Simply cutting services and staff is not the short or long term answer for law enforcement and infrastructure demands. Department Heads, Supervisors, and the Chief of Police are all keenly aware of our need for efficiencies wherever possible.  
I was born in Wellsville, raised my family here, and have served this village for 12 Years. Serving as Mayor has been the project of a lifetime. Having lived through many changes in Wellsville, and enough decline, I would like to continue working on the projects mentioned above. Our progress is well documented during my tenure, and the team we have built is serving this community very well. As the elected leader of that team, I ask for your support and vote this November 8th
Judy Lynch, Mayor