Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wellsville Mayor: My chapter in public service "has come to a close"

As the days count down before there are new faces on the Wellsville Village Board, Regional News reached out to those who are leaving office. We asked Mayor Lynch and Trustee's Cook and Herman a variety of questions, to include when they began public service, what were their victories and perceived losses and what the future holds. So far, we have heard back from Mayor Lynch. We present Mayor Lynch's thoughts:
1. I was elected as a Trustee to the Wellsville Village Board in 2002 and again in 2006, serving 8 years total.   I was elected as Mayor for the Village of Wellsville in 2012 and served 4 years.
2.   Victories - I don't look at anything I did as a victory but more as grateful for the opportunity to experience the rewards of working together with the Board of Trustees, Treasurer, Clerks, Dept. of Public Works and Utilities, Police Dept., Code Enforcement, Attorney, and each employee in those departments. It takes each and every one of them to provide the services and safety we depend on every day.      Accomplishments - The Burrous Building Project. We are hopeful to be recipients of grants for substantial financial assistance in further restoration of the building and ultimately to find the right developer to bring the building back to life and create jobs.  The Gateway and Main Street Projects, Walkable and Biking Community - These are ongoing projects and the improvements coming in the next year will reveal a vision for making our Village one that will be inviting to all. It has been a privilege to be a part of those projects.
Honoring citizens and businesses with proclamations was heartwarming. I will miss doing that.
3.  Disappointments -
Having to leave the Office of Mayor and working with so many gifted personnel in each Department.  They work with pride in what they do every day. 
4.  The chapter of public service has come to a close. The chapter reads of ups and downs, stressful times, fun times and  memorable times. It reads of making friendships that hopefully last a life time.  Sadly, it also reads of some that didn't agree with decisions I made.  The commitment of being Mayor does not always allow for what should be a priority in one's time.  I look forward to having that again.
My thanks to the residents of the Village of Wellsville for the opportunity to be part of our government for so many years. I  can only hope my leadership has been one of a positive step towards the bright future of our Village, a Village I am proud to be a part of.