Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wellsville Town Board: Council member Jon Gardner says "we apologize" and "I'm not resigning"

Board member Jon Gardner apologizes
The Wellsville Town Board held a special meeting Thursday night which lasted less than five minutes. It was a tension-filled room. Earlier this month, Council members Jon Gardner and Shad Alsworth accused Supervisor Donald "Tink" LaForge and Town Attorney Mike Finn of 'official misconduct.' Thursday night, Gardner and Alsworth walked those statements back. "We're sorry," Gardner began in a prepared statement. LaForge asked Gardner if he was resigning and Gardner replied, "No, I am not resigning." Alsworth also read from a prepared statement in which he said "we are putting this issue behind us." Attorney Finn said he had no comment regarding the events of the evening. Board member Steve Havey, when asked, said it's "good that this issue was clarified," but questioned why Gardner and Alsworth requested their written accusations and revision entered into the official minutes.
After the meeting, Supervisor LaForge told RNN exclusively that he would seek the advice of legal council and would issue a statement at a later date.
Through the Freedom of Information Act, Regional News has obtained copies of both the original and revised statements from Gardner/Alsworth. We are posting them as a matter of record. Note - they are long and take up space...