Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cuba Supervisor may face federal charges, but nothing locally - Board wants him out

Regional News this morning broke the story that Cuba Town Supervisor Rob Carney was the target of a criminal investigation for his alleged and perceived threats posted on Facebook against President Obama. RNN, at our urging, prompted this message to other media outlets this afternoon from Cuba Police Chief Dustin Burch:
In reference to the recent issues regarding the Cuba Town Supervisor this situation has put myself as well as the rest of the members of the Cuba Police Department in a tough situation. When situations like this arise it places us between the proverbial “rock and a hard place”. Ultimately however, situations like this cannot and will not be ignored. The Cuba Police Department has opened an investigation into this matter and has been able to conference with the original complainant as well as the Allegany County District Attorney’s office and no formal harassment charges will be filed as they do not apply to this case and the complainant has declined to press charges. We are however partnering with the FBI and Secret Service to look into any possible additional charges or consequences that could arise regarding the comments made about the President of the United States. My conference with the original complainant was well received and we were able to come to a peaceful resolution that he is satisfied with. The remainder of this investigation will be in the hands of the Secret Service going forward and the Cuba Police Department will have no additional comments about this matter for the time being. The Cuba Police Department would like to ask the public to take this time to come together to help make our community continue to be the great Town that it is. Sometimes it has to start on a small scale to make a big impact.
That being said, in an email received this afternoon, a majority of the Cuba Town Board is calling for the immediate resignation of the Town Supervisor. This is what RNN received:
For immediate release.

From: Cuba Town Board Councilmen Joe Miller, Dan Mcgraw, Steve Nease and Tim Ramsey.

All of us on the town board serve in this position because we care about this community and we care about the families in the community. From time to time unfortunate situations arise that are outside of our control, but require our immediate attention and action.

As many in the community are aware, such a situation arose over the past few days. Specifically, we are referring to the comments made by Cuba Town Supervisor Robert Carney on his personal FaceBook page. At the January 10, 2017 board meeting we made it clear that this board, personally and in our official capacities, adamantly disagree with the comments made by Robert Carney.

We do not stand by or support those comments. We also made it clear that before we take any action we wanted to hear from the community. Rest assured that since that meeting we have heard your voices loud and clear.  We have also received additional information that was not available to us at the meeting.

All of this has led us to the only reasonable immediate outcome that can put this town on the path of healing and get us back to ensuring that Cuba continues to be great place to live and work for everyone.

Cuba Town Councilmen Joe Miller, Dan Mcgraw, Steve Nease and Tim Ramsey are unified and we are demanding the immediate resignation of Supervisor Robert Carney.

If Mr. Carney does not tender his resignation to the Town Board then we are prepared to refer the matter to the Allegany County District Attorney for a determination by a Grand Jury as to whether Robert Carney's actions are considered misconduct by a public official.

The Town, its families and businesses can remain confident that protecting Cuba's reputation as a safe and welcoming community will not be marred by this unfortunate incident.

The Town Board meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Cuba Circulating Library on E. Main St. All are welcome to attend.