Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Opinion: Cuba Supervisor needs to take "Social Media 101" class (corrected)

The Cuba Town Supervisor has found himself in a bit of a pickle. This week, he was added to "the list." You know the one...that list of public officials who take to social media and then have the morning after regret about what was posted. I read the stories from Bob Clark/Times Herald and that from Brian Quinn/Daily Reporter. Both seemingly and accurately reported that Town Supervisor Rob Carney now regrets his Facebook post. Carney's rant was an unflattering commentary on President Obama. That's fine. Everyone has opinion. But when he allegedly wrote that the President deserved a bullet, enter law enforcement. It's a crime to suggest harm to the U.S. President. As first reported by RNN, Cuba Police now have an active criminal investigation against Carney. How would you like to be the police chief on this one?
Carney did the proper thing Tuesday night at the town board meeting - he apologized. Whether the "I'm sorry" was his idea or that of those with wisdom is unclear. I was struck however, by some of Quinn's reporting. If it's accurate, the Supervisor seemed equally irked that the 'local' newspapers reported his comments, as if he was the victim. Equally disturbing was the appearance that he was pissed that 'the media' wasn't investigating who ratted him out. Seriously? According to Quinn's article, Carney said he made the comments on his 'personal' Facebook page and had nothing to do with the town. That doesn't fly. Once you become an elected official, your life changes. Trust me on that one.
Cuba is a kind town and has always been forgiving. Time will tell just how forgiving. As for Supervisor Carney, I suggest you and everyone over the age of 12 in today's world take Social Media 101. It could be a life and career saver.