Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Police investigating Cuba Town Supervisor

Cuba Police Chief Dustin Burch confirmed this morning that Town Supervisor Rob Carney is the subject of a criminal investigation. "We have an open case," Burch said. The investigation stems from Carney's since deleted Facebook post that suggested harm to President Obama. In his post, Carney reportedly wrote...“the black, Muslim-loving, no good, death deserving, poorest excuse for a president.” The town leader also wrote that Obama was “guilty of treason and deserves nothing less than a bullet to the brain.”
Burch confirmed that perceived threats against the President are criminal. He said he will meet with District Attorney Keith Slep today to review if any charges are warranted. Burch said it is also possible that the case could be referred to the FBI.
Although Carney is technically Burch's boss, the Chief said he would ultimately "do what's right for the people of Cuba."
During last nights Cuba town board meeting, Carney publicly apologized for his remarks. The town has also launched an ethics probe into Carney.