Posted 3/14/13
By Brian Quinn, Daily Reporter
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WELLSVILLE — Property owners in Wellsville and Alma will find a letter in their mailboxes this spring with details of the first property revaluation in about 10 years.

Town boards in both municipalities have now approved Emminger, Newton, Pigeon & Magyar Inc. of Buffalo to reassess property values starting in April. The project will cost the towns a combined $221,500, with Wellsville paying about $172,580 of that and Alma $48,920.

“The company (Emminger) in the next month or so will begin the process. There’ll be a number of letters sent out to property owners,” said town of Wellsville Councilman Shad Alsworth. “Basically, it explains to taxpayers what their rights are and asks for permission to be on the property.”

Last month at Wellsville’s Town Board meeting, John Zukowski, a senior partner with Emminger, said the revaluation option Wellsville and Alma chose was not the most comprehensive one they could have selected. The data collector would take a photograph of the property, sit inside his or her vehicle and analyze what’s on the property card to look for any discrepancies in the data they
have. The data collector would then measure the property, also looking for discrepancies.

If data collectors are not permitted access to a parcel, they would reportedly have to estimate property measurements. There are 3,683 parcels in Wellsville and 1,044 in Alma.

The reval option Wellsville and Alma chose, known as “Option B,” is expected to take about a year to finish. A more comprehensive project, “Option A,” would have taken two years. There was also a less comprehensive choice, “Option C.” That would have involved a data collector driving by the property with the property card, looking at the property and analyzing for any discrepancies. A data collector would look at aerial photography to see if there were any buildings on the property that were not on the property cards.

“We have concluded that ‘Option C’ wouldn’t contain enough
detail,” Alsworth said after Wednesday’s meeting. “The state would lose confidence in our numbers a lot quicker without the data collection.”
Town Supervisor Dar Fanton and other board members said certain things would have to be done before the reval starts. For example, Emminger would have to train data collectors internally.
“There will probably be a public meeting to explain it,” Fanton said. He said he wasn’t sure when the public meeting would take place.
Also Wednesday, board members formally accepted a $186,000 grant from Empire State Development for a planned state Route 417 east water district.
The town and county hope to extend a water line along Route 417 toward Andover to help the businesses and property owners along the route. However, the town said it can’t move forward without more grant money. Local leaders are waiting for news on other potential grant funding.

Feb 15, 2013
“Gov. (Andrew) Cuomo, the state Senate and the state Assembly have, in my opinion, have grievously violated our Second Amendment rights and passed illegal legislation that violates the oath of office that we took,” said Councilman Shad Alsworth. “I feel that every one of us has a duty to protect the oath we took when we took office. This resolution may be deemed illegal according to some statements that I’ve researched. The New York state Constitution was violated by our governor. It was violated by the state Assembly. It was violated by the state Senate.”
Another argument made in the resolution, passed unanimously Wednesday by the five councilmen, was the SAFE Act was passed on a false claim of “necessity” following the killing of more than 25 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.
“Legislation presented by the governor of the state of New York and forced to a vote by an unconstitutional ‘message of necessity,’ was passed by the New York State Assembly and New York State Senate in January,” councilmen said in the resolution.
Town Supervisor Dar Fanton said he was concerned about the process in which the SAFE Act was passed. He said the state took advantage of emotion following the shootings at Newtown to get the law passed.
Councilman Ron Taylor said, “That’s exactly the part that I didn’t like — the way it was passed as well as treating the Constitution as something to overlook.”
Wellsville’s resolution, to be forwarded to both state and federal representatives, states councilmen would be violating their oaths of office if they supported legislation that infringes on Second Amendment rights.
“My position on this is directly related to our Second Amendment rights. At the end of the day, we need to understand that the law itself violates our Constitution,” Alsworth said.
Alsworth said he was “tickled” to hear, on his way to work Thursday, that Cattaraugus County legislators passed a resolution urging the state to repeal the law.
“Obviously, people across the state of New York are willing to make a stand knowing full well there could be repercussions,” he said. “Hopefully that’s what our county is going to do as well.”
Allegany County Board of Legislators Chairman Curt Crandall said at the board’s Feb. 25 meeting, legislators will consider a resolution asking the state to repeal the new law.
“We have one of our own at the next legislature meeting,” he said. “I’ve actually had several e-mails from people. They were wondering if Allegany County was taking a position in opposition to it. Yes, we are.
“Ours has some other details in it. Part of the concern is people being able to FOIL information on those who have pistol permits. We’re opposed to that,” he said. “That’s also going to increase cost to counties. It has to be implemented and there are forms that have to be filled out and filed.”
County legislators previously passed a resolution opposing the “bundling together” of elements of the NY SAFE Act.
“Also, there was a resolution from Inter-County (Association of Western New York) asking it to be repealed. We supported that resolution,” Crandall said. “The Inter-County one is an important one. It’s 19 counties strong.”
January 2, 2013

Year 2013 Supervisor’s Appointments

Upon the recommendation of the Supervisor

Board of Ethics (1-year appointments): Richard Shear, Gary C Balcom, Jerome E Hart, Ronald Taylor

Bookkeeper to the Supervisor: Michelle Dunbar

Depository for Town funds/banking: Steuben Trust Company

Deputy Registrar: Jo Ann Green

Deputy Town Clerk (offered by Town Clerk): Jo Ann Green

Deputy Town Clerk salary: per the approved 2013 budget

Dog Control Officer: Cathy Faulkner

Emergency alert system radio station: WJQZ/WLSV

Emergency Services Council: as appointed by the Village Board of Trustee’s

Flood Plain Verification: Billy Braun

Fuel Farm Committee: Dean Arnold

Justice Court Clerk (offered by the Justice): Penelope Coleman

Marriage Officer: Sylvia LaChance

Mileage: 47¢- per mile

Official Newspaper: Wellsville Daily Reporter

Payrolls: bi-weekly

Petty Cash: Assessor- $50

Business Office - $50

Highway- $100

Justice- $50

Tax Collector - $100

Town Clerk - $125

Records Manager Officer: Sylvia LaChance

Registrar of Vital Statistics: Sylvia LaChance

Salary of Town Officials: as per Year 2013 budget as adopted

Town Attorney: Michael Finn

Town Board Meetings: Second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM

Town Historian: Mary Rhodes

Year 2013 Supervisor’s Appointments

Deputy Supervisor: Timothy McNulty

Park Supervisor: Dean Arnold

Delegate to Association of Towns:

Alternate Delegate:

Emergency Management Officer: William Day Sr.

Assistant EMO: Dan Martelle

Committee and Liaison Appointments

First name listed denotes Chairman

Airport Liaison: Shad Alsworth, DarwinFanton

All water/sewer Districts: Darwin Fanton/Ron Taylor

Assessor Liaison: Shad Alsworth

Audit Committee: As Designated by Supervisor

Consultant to Flood Plain: Billy Braun

County Legislature Liaison: Timothy McNulty

Dog Control Liaison: Steve Havey

Emergency Services Plan Coordinator: William Day Sr.

ESPC Deputy: Daniel Martelle

Fire and EMS Liaison: Steve Havey

Highway & Bridge Liaison: Darwin Fanton

Investment Committee: Darwin Fanton; Michelle Dunbar; Michael Finn

Landfill/Recycling Liaison: Timothy McNulty

Planning Board Liaison: DarwinFanton

Town Court Liaison: Steve Havey

Village Board Liaison: Ron Taylor

Building Code: Billy Braun

Park Committee: Timothy McNulty

Park Schedulers: Sylvia LaChance, Joann Green

Board of Assessment: Shad Alsworth

Cemetery: Ron Taylor

YMCA Liaison: Darwin L Fanton

The Supervisor on an as-needed basis will make other appointments

December 12, 2012

(pictured: a Wellsville resident questions the town about the YMCA contract) By a 5-0 vote, the Town Board in Wellsville Wednesday night voted to discontinue its Recreation Department. The motion was made by Council member Steve Havey, seconded by Ron Taylor and approved by unanimous vote. Beginning January 1st, the YMCA will deliver recreation services in Wellsville. Membership fee's will be charged, but Wellsville residents will receive a discount. The town has had a full time recreation department for decades and the vote will cost those employee's their jobs. The switch to the YMCA was done to reduce costs and provide a broader scope of programs and services. Before the vote, some community members had questions. Wellsville resident Jesse Case expressed concern about the cost for his son to participate in swimming programs, which currently cost just a $1. Town Supervisor Dar Fanton that the cost would increase and that "on an individual basis, it may not be a good deal." Fanton added that the true benefit will be the increased number of programs offered to people.
Another Wellsville resident asked the board about problems the YMCA had with the city of Olean and the Olean school...citing some conflicts. Fanton explained that there have been "ongoing conversations" with the Wellsville school and the "Y" to avoid problems. Fanton also noted, "Are there going to be some bumps? Most definitely." The town will review the contract on an annual basis. List below is the fee schedule approved by the town board as part of the contract:

November 14, 2012
The Wellsville Town Board Wednesday night approved the 2013 budget. Supervisor Dar Fanton said he wanted to "commend town departments" for cooperating to keep expenses down. While there is a tax increase, it is slightly below the state mandated limit of 2%.
Only one person spoke during the public hearing on the spending plan. Wellsville resident Tom Hennessy asked a series of questions. He learned that two of the largest increases, $29,372 combined, came from retirement costs and health insurance. Supervisor Fanton told Hennessy, a former Councilman, that the town was beginning again to grow reserve accounts for areas like bridge repairs and replacements. While none are expected next year, Fanton said the Weidrick Road bridge will be addressed in the next year or two. He also noted that within 4-5 years, there will be "major dollars" spent at the airport. Fanton also noted that within two years, the town will be commencing another reval proect, although he said money has already been set aside for that. At the end of the hearing, Hennessy told the board it "sounds like a good budget."
November 14, 2012
(pictured: Jeff Alevy of the YMCA makes a point to the audience)
The Wellsville Town Board took the first step Wednesday night of cementing a long-term relationship between the community and the YMCA. Council members approved a one-year lease deal with the YMCA. Under the plan, for a $1 a year, the town will lease to the “Y” its 1st floor Community Center on Main Street so the non-profit can begin offering full scale services and programs to the area. Town Supervisor Darwin Fanton said the group is “trying very hard to establish a presence here.” Jeff Alevy of the YMCA told the Board and audience, “we’re your new best friends.” Both Alevy and Fanton said the YMCA will continue to provide the same programming that the town does with room to grow. Fanton said the YMCA continues to actively look for opportunities to construct its own facility, but the starting point is leasing space from the town. The agreement takes effect Janaury 1, 2013. In addition, the “Y” will also pay utility costs and up to $250 per quarter for maintenance issues. Alevy also noted that like other locations, the Wellsville operation will have its own local advisory board to help steer programming. Although the YMCA has membership fees, Wellsville residents will enjoy a 15% reduced fee. Wellsville resident Carol English told the board, “You’re doing a good thing for the community.” Kim Toot, a Wellsville resident and also Director of the County Office for the Aging, said she wanted to make sure seniors who current utilize the community center wouldn’t be hit with new costs or loss of programs. Alevy assured her there would be no new fees for older adults. Fanton confirmed that and said it is “not the intention of the town board to change anything too drastically for seniors or youth.

Town will likely discontinue its own Recreation Department—jobs will be lost
While the notion of bringing a YMCA to Wellsville has generally been met with a supportive voice, it does bring a stark reality. What will happen to the town of Wellsville Recreation Department if the “Y” takes over? Regional News Network asked the town Supervisor directly…does this mean the Recreation Department will be abolished? Will the current staff lose their jobs? The short answer from the town was, “yes.” The Supervisor said the Department’s two full time employees, Director Traci Brown and Clerk Shelly Bridge, would be out of jobs. So would the scores of seasonal workers who manage various programs. The deal with the YMCA comes in two parts. The first, which the Board approved, was leasing space. The second addresses programs. The latter part is still being ironed out, but if it approved, which is expected to happen, the decade’s long town Department will disappear. It almost happened Wednesday night. Action on agenda item 6-A, Recreation Department-Discontinue, was postponed until the Board approves the final program portion. Fanton said the town will become a “park only activity.” A couple of seasonal workers would then be hired to manage park operations. Although Brown was at the meeting, she offered no public comment on the matter. Alevy said the YMCA would simply build on what the town has offered in the past and assured one questioner that, for example, after school programs would continue.

If the Recreation Department goes away, does the cost as well?

Since the town has already budgeted for recreation programming for 2013, if the Council approves all components of the YMCA deal, the money would be used to supplement the “Y.” Fanton said for at least the first year and as many as three, $100,000 a year would be provided to the YMCA. Fanton said cost to taxpayers will not rise.

The Board is expected to make the final decision on the future of the town Recreations department and YMCA services at its December 12th meeting.
October 29, 2012
The Village of Wellsville Mayor, Judith Lynch, and Town of Wellsville Supervisor, Darwin Fanton, have declared a state of emergency for the town and village of Wellsville due to the anticipated effects of hurricane Sandy. The state of emergency will begin at 8pm today’s date and will run until 8pm Saturday November 3rd. If conditions prevail the state of emergency will either end or be extended as needed. The Wellsville central Schools as well as the Immaculate Conception School will be closed on Tuesday October 30th and further school closings will be addressed depending on weather conditions. Emergency service personnel are working together and anticipate that the largest problem will come from a long term power outages. Village and town crews have been working diligently cleaning debris and leaves from storm drains and ditches. The Halloween trick or treat hours for Wednesday have been postponed until Sunday November 4th from 2 to 4 pm.
October 3, 2012:
Saturday October 6, 2012 has been proclaimed Chris Eldridge Day in Wellsville and Allegany County. The 43-year old has invested three decades of his life to volunteer and public service. The event will coincide with the annual EMS Expo to be held at Riverwalk Plaze in Wellsville from 9-2. For the past 21 years, he has battled cancer. At age 22, Eldridge was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. In and out of hospitals from an early age, the Wellsville native once again finds himself battling the illness at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. Eldridge is well-known for his career at WLSV and WJQZ radio stations in Wellsville as a DJ and News Director. For thirty years, he has also been affiliated at various times with the Wellsville ambulance, rescue and fire departments, the Allegany County 911 Center, Wellsville Police Department and as the Emergency Manager for both the Village and Town of Wellsville. In four short decades, he has managed to accrue a vast number of honors and awards to include the New York State EMS Communications Specialist of the Year for his work in creating an emergency database of oxygen-dependent people and those with significant medical issues that require help during emergencies. As one close friend said today, "no matter how sick Chris was, he always seemed to muster the energy to get out of bed and help on an ambulance call or other emergency." Proclamations are expected Saturday from Wellsville Mayor Judy Lynch, Town Supervisor Dar Fanton and Allegany County Legislative Chair Curt Crandall. New York State Senator Cathy Young may also add thoughts as well.
To view an overview of Eldridge's achievements, click the Read More link below...

Christopher D. Eldridge

Chris the Broadcaster

· Long before Chris was able to drive a car, he was driving music at WLSV AM 790. During his pre-teen and early teen years, Chris would spend his Saturday mornings with Bill Jones, who hosted the morning show. In the late 70’s and early 80’s Chris answered phones, helped collect news and from time to time, spun a record.

· On February 3, 1986, WJQZ signed on the air in Wellsville as Allegany County’s first commercial FM radio station. Later that year, Chris joined WJQZ as a late night and weekend DJ and newscaster. His job duties grew from part time to full time. In December 1988, Chris was part of the news crew that broke a major story in Allegany County history. On what should have been a quiet and routine Saturday morning, Chris discovered that the New York State Low Level Radioactive Waste Siting Commission had selected three locations in Allegany County as targets for a waste dump. Chris and others broke that story 48 hours before it was supposed to be made public. Chris and crew immediately became the information portal for regional and national news outlets. In January 1993, he took over the helm as the morning drive host on WJQZ. Also that January, he became the host of the WLSV talk show “Contact 790” where he interviewed members of Congress, members of the New York Legislature, local politicians as well as area newsmakers.

· In 1991, at age 22, Chris was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. In a tell-all radio interview, Chris detailed his treatments and prognosis to the listening audience and helped educate people dealing with similar situations.

· On February 11, 1994, in a ceremony performed live on WJQZ, Chris married Renee D. Walsh. It was a first for local radio…and a first for newly elected Wellsville Mayor Sue Goetchsius who presided over the wedding.

· In November 1995, Chris again covered breaking news when the South Main Lumber complex in Wellsville erupted in fire, closing schools and prompting a state of emergency. Chris provided minute-by-minute updates to WKPQ/WHHO radio in Hornell as a special news anchor.

Chris the Emergency Manager

· In January 1996, Chris was appointed as the Emergency Manager for the Town of Wellsville. Shortly thereafter, he was also appointed to the same position for the Village of Wellsville.

· On January 19, 1996, Chris helped manage a major disaster in Wellsville. On that date, heavy rain and rapid snow melt lead to the third largest crest in recorded history for the Genesee River in Wellsville (16.13 feet). In consultation with the Town Supervisor, a State of Emergency was declared. Evacuations were coordinated. During the same time, a major fire consumed an auto dealership on Bolivar Road in Wellsville.

Chris-Special Awards and accomplishments

· While Chris was a radio guy, he was no stranger to TV as well. On April 15, 1995, Chris provided commentary to WIVB-TV after a car crash of East State Street in Wellsville. That crash eventually claimed five lives. Chris also provided content to WIVB on multiple significant plane crashes in Wellsville and Independence.

· On Tuesday May 12, 1992, Chris worked his first shift as an Emergency Services Dispatcher for the Wellsville Police Department.

· In the mid 1990’s, Chris was awarded the EMS COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST OF THE YEAR AWARD, presented by the New York State EMS Council. Chris received the award for developing a database of oxygen dependent people in the 593 calling prefix. The database was used during emergencies and power outages to ensure that people did not run low on Oxygen.

· Prior to joining the Wellsville PD, Chris was a 911 Dispatcher for the Allegany County Communications Center.

· In 2000, Chris led the way for the Wellsville 911 Center & Police Department to adopt Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) policies when people dialed 911 for medical emergencies. Later that year, he and two others traveled to Rock Hill, South Carolina and became internationally certified as EMD Instructors. Chris and colleagues then taught the first EMD course for all 911 dispatchers in Allegany County. Countless lives have since been saved.

· In May 2002, Chris received the Community Service Award presented by the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce.

· In most recent times, despite wrestling with significant health issues, Chris set his sights on public office. He ran for Allegany County Coroner in his first bid for publicly elected office.

· For the last several years, Chris has been an active correspondent for 1stResponder News online.

Chris Eldridge-Volunteer Service

· In 1981, at age 12, Chris became a junior member of the Allegany County Office of Emergency Services Rescue Squad. At the time, the squad was the only agency that provided countywide rescue service, to include the Jaws of Life rescue tool and heavy extrication equipment. The squad, located about a ½ mile from his home, was easily within bicycle distance. When not on two wheels, he could be found “riding shotgun” with his father Dale. Former Rescue Chief Jim Cicirello noted that the “equipment was spotless” when Chris was around and “he knew where everything was!” Chris later joined the Wellsville Volunteer Ambulance Corps and in 1994, the two organizations merged into a single entity.

· On December 19, 1994, the ambulance corps established the Rural Rapid Intervention Program (RRIP), a first for independent ambulance corps in New York State. Working with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the late Senator Pat McGee, the ambulance corps equipped private vehicles with life-saving equipment and red lights and sirens. Each private vehicle was then New York State certified as an official emergency vehicle. It was then that Chris became a Rescue Chief, replacing longtime chief Jim Cicirello. For the past 18 years, Chris has remained an elected Rescue Chief in Wellsville. Chris’ tireless efforts even earned him the Chet Weaver Memorial Member of the Award, a prestigious honor bestowed by fellow members for service. On one occasion, while a patient at Jones Memorial Hospital, he wheeled himself and his IV to a window and, with radio in hand, coordinated an emergency Mercy Flight landing.

· For those who remember the tv show “Baywatch,” Wellsville Ambulance/Rescue purchased the yellow rescue truck featured on the tv show. Chris and others traveled to the west coast to pick up the truck. Little did the Hollywood producers know, a movie script had been left in the truck, complete with personal cell phone numbers for the actors. Did Chris ever call the bikini-clad actresses from the show? What do you think…
Kudos go out to Preston "Roy" Lucas of Wellsville, who pushed for the "Eldridge Day." Lucas, a former county legislator, was also a long time member of the Wellsville Volunteer Ambulance Corps.. In addition, thanks go to former Wellsville Police Chief and ambulance/rescue member Jim Cicirello, who played a vital role in making the award happen.
8/8/2012: The Wellsville Town Board Wednesday night adopted a new computer use and security policy. Town Supervisor Dar Fanton said the plan is “pretty stringent” and gives him the authority to regulate town computers as well as internet and cell phone use. The town is also considering dropping Verizon as its telephone provider. Fanton said negotiations are ongoing with other companies and the town could potentially save $1,000 a year. Fanton also said, administratively, the town could benefit by having a single invoice, instead of the current “six or seven.”

In other business…

The town board authorized Supervisor Fanton to sign a new five year agreement for continued use of the Fuel Farm facility. The Village Board and the school district have already signed on.

 The Board also discussed adopting a new credit card policy. According to Fanton, “towns…get written up” during audits for failure to have such a policy in place. Council members reviewed a draft policy and may take action next month.

The Board also approved a travel request for Highway Superintendent Dean Arnold so he can attend an equipment show in Pavilion, New York.
For the last decade, perhaps more, there has been talk of extending Village of Wellsville water service east along Route 417 (Andover Road) into the Town of Wellsville. Sources close to the negotiation tell Regional News Network that progress is indeed moving forward. The goal, according to the sources, is to enhance business with a water supply and to also aid local residents. Bob Sobeck is Executive Director for Alfred Housing, which is spearheading the project. He said it "is a $973,000 project." He added, "state Senator Cathy Young and Congressman Tom Reed have been vital in this project." Sobeck said funding sources include the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Federal Economic Development and Empire State Development. Funding announcements aren't expected until September at the earliest. Sources say even if the funding is approved, there's plenty of administrative work that needs to be completed. One business in the development zone told us, "I have waited for this for a very, very long time." One Allegany County official said today he hopes if the project is approved, it spurs economic growth or development.

AGENDA for meeting August 8, 2012

1. Pledge to the flag

2. Minutes from – Regular Meeting- July 11, 2012, Special Meeting - July 26, 2012

3. Financial Report


4. Community Comment


5. Departmental Reports

      A. Town Clerk

      B. Dog Control

      C. Recreation

      D. Justice

      E. Fire Department

      F. Assessor

      G. Code Enforcement

      H. Highway


6. Highway

      A. Excavator – FYI BAN due last payment no resolution needed – Principal - $14,000.00; Interest - $410.71; Total: $14,410.71

      B. Fuel Farm Billing – Resolution to pay bi-weekly

      C. Travel Request – motion to allow Arnold to travel to Pavilion, NY for an equipment show

7. Airport

      A. Taxiway Lighting Rehab – Motion for Shumaker Consulting Engineering and Land Surveying, PC for an Independent Fee Estimate.


8. Town Policies:

      A.  Computer Use/E-Mail/Internet/Cell Phone/PDA and Information Security Policy - resolution

      B. Credit Card Policy – discussion

9. Fuel Farm Agreement – motion for Supervisor to sign

10. Telephone

11. Supervisor/Councilmen Reports

A). T. McNulty

       B). S. Alsworth

       C). R. Taylor

       D). S. Havey                                                                                             

 E). D. Fanton


12. Audit/Payment of bills


13. Executive Session


·       Next Board Meeting: September 12, 2012 @ 7pm

·       Planning Board: September 10, 2012

The Regular Meeting of the Town of Wellsville, County of Allegany and the State of New York was held at the Town Hall, 156 N Main Street on the 11th day July of 2012.

Present:       Darwin L Fanton, Supervisor

                        Timothy McNulty, Council Member

                        Shad Alsworth, Council Member

                        Ronald Taylor, Council Member

                        Dean Arnold, Highway Superintendent

                        Traci Johnson, Parks and Recreation Director

                        Michelle Dunbar, Bookkeeper to Supervisor

                        Mike Finn, Attorney

Absent:         Steve Havey, Council Member


Village:       Jamie Herman, Trustee         

Fanton opened the meeting at 7:00 pm and led the pledge to the Flag.

Minutes:  Accepted as presented                

Financial Report: Accepted as presented

Community Comment:

Brownfield Opportunity Area Program Application: Trustee Herman asked the Board for a letter of support to the Brownfield Opportunity Area Program, a letter will be drawn up and sent to the Village of Wellsville.

Departmental Reports: Accepted as presented           


Money Transfer: A motion was made by Taylor to transfer $400.00 from Highway Computer Update (A5010.404) to Recreation Computer Support (A7140.404) to pay for computer upgrades, seconded by Alsworth/carried.



Resolution: the following resolution was offered by McNulty who moved its adoption and was seconded by Taylor:


Engineering Design Services for Runway 10-28 Crack Repairs, Pavement Rejuvenator and Pavement Markings at the Wellsville Municipal Airport

WHEREAS, the Town of Wellsville desires to sign the engineering agreement with McFarland-Johnson, Inc for scope of service, level of effort and overall cost for an Emergency Backup Generator Construction Observation and Administration Services between the Town of Wellsville and McFarland-Johnson, Inc, and

WHEREAS, the cost of the project is $15,126.00, and

WHEREAS, FAA funds 90%; $13,613.40 and

WHEREAS, NYSDOT funds 5%; $756.30

WHEREAS, the Town funds 5%, 756.30

NOW, THEREFORE the Wellsville Town Board duly convened does hereby

RESOLVE, that the Town Board hereby approves the above-subject project, and it is hereby further

RESOLVED, this Resolution shall take effect immediately.

Vote:   Darwin Fanton, Supervisor voting aye

Timothy McNulty, Council Member voting aye

Shad Alsworth, Council Member voting aye

Ronald Taylor, Council Member voting aye

Absent: Steve Havey, Council Member

Standard Work Day:

Resolution: the following resolution was offered by McNulty who moved its adoption and was seconded by Taylor:

Be It Resolved, that the Town of Wellsville, Location code 30233 hereby establishes the following as standard work days for elected and appointed officials and will report the following days worked to the NYS and Local Employees’ Retirement System based on the time keeping system records or the record of activities maintained and submitted by these officials to the clerk of the body:

Elected Official
Standard Work Day
Town Clerk
Highway Superintendent
Tax Collector, Deputy Clerk

Parks/Recreation Director

Clerk to Director


Code Enforcement Officer

Bookkeeper to Supervisor

Vote: Darwin Fanton, Supervisor voting aye

Timothy McNulty, Council Member voting aye

Shad Alsworth, Council Member voting aye

Ronald Taylor, Council Member voting aye

Absent: Steve Havey, Council Member 

Island Park:

Johnson reports the following items:

·       Bakers of Jericho Hill have finished tarring around the post at the pavilions.

·       On 7/28 there will be a fund raiser for Christopher Eldridge

·       The Methodist Church has reserved the whole park on August 4th and they will be holding a service in the park.

·       WIC will be having a health fair in the park

Grant: Johnson asked that a resolution be passed for her to submit a grant to NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation for a building for the Recreation Department.

Resolution: the following resolution was offered by Shad Alsworth who moved its adoption and was seconded by Ronald Taylor:

Resolution No 17

WHEREAS, the Town of Wellsville is applying to the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic (OPRHP) for a grant under the Environmental Protection Fund for a park project to be located at 81 West Hanover Street, a site located within the territorial jurisdiction of this Board,

WHEREAS, as a requirement under the rules of these programs, must obtain the approval/endorsement of the governing body of the municipality in which the project will be located,

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by this august body that the Board of the Town of Wellsville hereby does approve and endorse the application of the Town of Wellsville for a grant under the Environmental Protection Fund for a park project known as Wellsville Recreation Center and located within this community.

And further, IT IS RESOLVED THAT, should the Town of Wellsville be unable to do so, said property shall be forever maintained by the Town of Wellsville as a municipal park in this community consistent with the rules promulgated by OPRHP.

DATE OF ADOPTION: September 7, 2011

Vote: Darwin Fanton, Supervisor voting aye

Timothy McNulty, Council Member voting aye

Shad Alsworth, Council Member voting aye

Ronald Taylor, Council Member voting aye

Absent: Steve Havey, Council Member 

Supervisor/Council Member Reports:

Fanton: Bakers of Jericho Hill had some bricks left over from the Island Park project and he would like to purchase them for $1,110.00.

Motion: A motion was made by Alsworth to purchase the brick and to store them at the highway garage until the town is ready to use them, money to be taken out of NY-01-0706-0024, seconded by Taylor/carried

Audit/Payment of Bills

Abstract #6 Alsworth/Taylor/carried

            A – General Fund – Claim 262; $351.42

            DA – Highway Town wide – Claim 140; $19.98

            DB – Highway Outside – Claim 1033; $39.42

            EA – Airport – Claims 41-43; $175,722.17

            SS4- - Airport Sewer District – Claim 6; $1,819.04

            Total: $177,952.03

Abstract #7 Alsworth/Taylor/carried

A – General Fund – Claims 263-308; $14,639.26

DA – Highway Town wide – Claims 141-161; $13,372.53

DB – Highway Outside – Claims 1025-1032; $22,847.15

EA – Airport – Claims 44-48; $6,910.31

SL – Hillcrest Lighting District – Claim 7; $11.56

SS2- - Sinclair Sewer District – Claim 8; $36.90

Total: $57,817.71

Executive Session: A motion was made by Alsworth to adjourn into executive session to discuss two contractual issues and two legal issues, seconded by Taylor/carried.

Regular Session: Taylor/McNulty/carried

Adjourn: Alsworth/Taylor/carried

Respectfully Submitted,

Sylvia LaChance

Town Clerk

 Several years ago, Walmart allegedly reached out to Wellsville and said...'we want to locate there!' Now in 2012, the land off route 417 in west Wellsville remains vacant, private property deals have been foiled and the conspiracy theorist say..'hah, told you!"
However, one local government leader confirmed to RNN today that Walmart 'appears' to still be coming. Wellsville Town Supervisor Dar Fanton spoke exclusively with Regional News Network today. He said that he "hasn't heard that they aren't coming." In fact, Fanton says the town still has about $8,000 in the bank from Walmart....part of a trust agreement to conduct preliminary work. According to Fanton, Walmart officials said 'legal issues' regarding some properties appear to have slowed progress.

For decades really, Island Park in Wellsville has been bothered by nuisance vandalism. Dollar by dollar, the repair and replacement costs have added up. Now, the town appears to be getting serious. According to Supervisor Dar Fanton in an exclusive interview with RNN today, the town is reviewing two plans. Both involve video surveillance. One is a wireless system and the other is 'hard wired.' According to Fanton, the wireless option is, "without a doubt..way more expensive, but better." The second option, about half the price, is an on-site hard wired system. Fanton says the better option is the wirless plan, which beams a signal directly across the Genesee Parkway to the Village Police Station. The bottom line, he says, is money. The Town is in the midst of renovating the park with grant money. Fanton says the town has about two years left to finalize a plan. Till then...if you plan mischief, remember may be on camera!